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Q-Scan Beam Counters

Q-Scan Beam People CountersThese compact electronic traffic counters are mounted at entry points and emit and detect an infrared beam, counting each interruption caused when a person walks through the beam. 

They are more accurate than a people counting clicker and are great for basic trends, but their accuracy is reduced by larger pedestrian flows or other factors that can affect the beam, such as wider entrances, inward opening doors or direct sunlight. The units need to be mounted opposite the supplied reflector to count.  Counters should not be expected to be more than 85% accurate.

  • Clear LCD screen for set-up and viewing counts
  • Even easier set-up - Simple to mount the counter and reflector and set up via remote control.
  • Increased data storage - On-board count memory storing data for 3 years’ worth of counts.
  • Designed for mounting at different heights to count bodies/legs
  • On-screen counts can be turned 'on' or 'off'.
  • Historical hourly & daily counts can be browsed on-screen.
  • Uses variable beam strength to adjust for different entrance widths and locations.
  • Count data up-loadable - Easy import into Excel SD card (£40 for Q-Scan software SD Card upgrade)
  • More detailed reporting - View count data hourly, daily and monthly summaries.
  • View individual time-stamped counts and events detailing beam blocks and power interruptions.

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Please note that these counters are mains powered (excluding the Networked Twincomm) and not battery operated so require a power source.  

Please note that prices do not include shipping costs.

Q-Scan Unicomm V2.0 - Single Beam counter £230 + VATQ-Scan Unicomm Beam Counter

Simple to install and supplied ready to use, complete with mains adaptor, reflector and remote control. You can set them to count either legs or  bodies, and automatically divide by two where the entry point is also used as an exit.  The unit needs to be fitted to a solid surface on one side of an entrance, with a reflector mounted directly opposite. Suitable for single entrances no greater than 6 metres in width.  Can be upgraded with  the Q-Scan SD downloader kit.

Click here for a copy of the Q-Scan Unicomm V2.0 user-manual

Q-Scan Twincomm V2.0 Twin Beam Counter £285 + VATQ-Scan Twincomm Beam Counter

Twin beam counters allow you to count people moving in a specific direction giving you both 'In' and 'Out' counts. These are easy to install on a solid surface at an entrance, and are supplied ready for use, complete with mains adaptor, reflector and an infrared remote control. Suitable for single entrances up to 6 metres in width.  Can be upgraded with the Q-Scan SD downloader kit.

Click here for a copy of the Q-Scan Twincomm V2.0 user-manual

Q-Scan Unicomm and Twincomm with SD Card capability

Allow you to get all your data from your counters onto a convenient SD card.  Simply insert the SD card and your counts are downloaded automatically.  You can then take the data to your PC, laptop or other device and using our software, run different queries and create reports.  Please note that the software is only compatible with MS Windows only.

Q-Scan Twincomm Ethernet £409 + VAT

The Twincomm V2.0 Ethernet unit offers the option of being hard wired using using CAT5/6 Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) meaning that count data can be uploaded from the counter directly to your desktop using our Q-Scan software. 

Wiring Schematic

Beam Counter Reports

Count data recorded by the Unicomm and Twincomm can be read directly from the LCD screen.  Our SD versions of the Q-Scans enable you to simply insert the card and automatically download your counts.  This data is then easily transferred to your PC, laptop or other devices where our Q-Scan downloader software makes it easy for you to run queries and compile reports.  Data is presented as CSV files which can then be exported to Excel or your own data management system.

RECAP Automated Reporting

The Twincomm V.20 Ethernet unit also offers the option for full integration with our RECAP software, offering the opportunity for automated data-collection. This involves connection over your Virtual Local Area network (VLAN), or the Internet to a central Base PC for multiple sites, allowing multiple counters to be connected to a server.  Click here to find out more.

Now Available - Q-Scan Mounting Posts £90 + VAT & Postage per post

Designed for the Q-Scan beam counters, our mounting posts enable you to install a beam counter even when there isn't a suitable location for the counter and/or reflectors.  Constructed from steel, the posts bolt to the floor to ensure the stability of your counter.  Cables are hidden inside the post structure, giving a neat finish.  Post are available for both unit and reflectors and are supplied with fixing kits. Contact us for details.  

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“We cannot afford to engage staff in manually counting people through doors, neither continuously nor on a sample basis, and our Unicomm devices has paid for themselves in terms of staff time that can now be directed towards more productive customer service functions.

By examining footfall patterns in relation to loans, computer usage and other indicators of business levels, we can keep our opening hours and staffing levels under review to ensure that tight budgets are used to maximum effect.
The modest investment in staff time at the centre of the organisation is worthwhile in terms of monitoring and processing the data, report production and also liaising with local staff across the county. We have found these devices easy to set up and install. They are inconspicuous and have not presented us with any problems in terms of vandalism or accidental damage.”  Roger Jones, Management Information Officer at Derbyshire County Council

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