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Occupancy Counting

Event Occupancy CountingMany venues and organisations such as stadiums, visitor attractions or offices need to know the numbers of visitors on site in order to keep within set capacity limits and meet health and safety guidelines.
Using thermal imaging technology and 3D video counters, intergrated with our software, Axiomatic’s occupancy systems enable events teams and venue owners to:
  • Monitor how many people are in various zones within a site and the site as a whole
  • Receive Live occupancy updates via a display screen using Windows RealTime
  • Set maximum occupancy levels and receive audio, visual, email and text warnings when these capacity limits are approaching or reached
  • Use multiple counters to view how many people enter different zones in a single site
  • Schedule maintenance activities when customer numbers are typically low
  • Assess sales conversion rates (sales / number of potential customers)
  • Manage buildings better
  • Advise site managers on effective staffing levels at time of varying occupancy – improve customer service and reduce staff costs.

Live Counts and access to real time information
Our counters are utilised by establishments such as children’s play centres, art galleries and leisure complexes with accurate information on the number of people in an area.  Our counting and reporting systems were deployed at Wembley Stadium to monitor to manage free flowing crowds of between 25,000-50,000. 

Click here to read our Wembley Stadium case study.ccupancy counting, event counting, occupancy systems, recap

Please note that no people counting system is 100% accurate and occupancy systems are prone to cumulative errors.  

After researching solutions in relation to capacities at our venue due to pressure from local authorities to understand customer numbers and manage occupancy levels, we decided on the axiomatic thermal counter as this appeared to be the market standard device, however once we had spoken to the team at Axiomatic we soon realised the full potential of the system we were purchasing. Not only are the Local Authorities satisfied, it has also assisted us in better preparation for Staff and Security rotas, which has ultimately reduced our overall staff costs by 3-5% depending on academic term times. We therefore estimate that this system will pay for its self within a 6 month time frame.

On a side note the customer service and attention to detail from the Team at Axiomatic have been 2nd to none, and I would gladly recommend them to any company that face the same issues within our industry.  Dominic Borg, TCG BARS LTD, GENERAL MANAGER, MOSAIC, EXETER

occupancy counting, event counting, occupancy systems, recap

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