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Space Management Reporting

We offer an automatic weekly summary, with a page for each room or space, showing an audit of the room use.  The summary page shows clearly where any problems lie as you can sort the summary by room type or capacity, core and non-core frequency to spot the worst used rooms.  You can then click on the room name amd immediately see details of it's use and bookings for hat room for the week.  Room or desk usage can be summarised by location, type and department.

We can set up reports to detail or summarise as much of the information as you require. Examples of typical reports include:

Report by booker, by room, by date, by week, or by course with columns for:

  • Frequency (number of sessions booked)
  • Occupancy (average session size)
  • Utilisation (average seats taken or wasted)
  • Time booked but not used ("no-shows")
  • Time used but not booked ("ad hoc")

Termly or yearly reporting

Reports are created that show the "no-shows" and early finishes (wasted booked time) by room and department, totalled for both term and vacation time.  By the end of the year, you will have a clear picture of the wasteful departments.  This enables decisions to be made whether some rooms would be better reconfigured, for example reducing the size but increasing the number of rooms.

What additional advantages does the system have?

Because the data is recorded live into an SQL database this makes it simple to integrate the system with your Building Management System and other internal systems.

  • Control heating and air-conditioning based on usage and number of people in each room
  • Check historical patterns of room usage to find more efficient room booking patterns

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